Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Picture Perfect People Who Have Their Sh*t Together

To me, Lauren Conrad is someone who just does it right. She falls into a category of young women I've dubbed Picture Perfect People Who Have Their Sh*t Together (PPPWHTST, for short), including the likes of Blake Lively and Emily Schuman. I just assume these ladies look chic, put together and dainty even in their sweats on a Sunday. Actually, they probably don't even own sweats; they surely prefer designer loungewear. Also, they probably all have supremely organized, immaculate homes, in which to lounge. 

The PPPWHTST position themselves in the media in the most flattering of lights. They all have their own lifestyle brands, and they strategically share tastefully edited peeks into their fabulous lives. I have the utmost respect for these young women and I stalk them via social media and magazines.

When Lauren Conrad appeared on the cover of Us Weekly, my favorite entertainment magazine and former employer, I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to read about her "dream wedding." LC's dress(es) (!) were gorgeous. Her wedding decor was elegant and rustic chic, without being too cliche. Her hair and makeup looked perfectly flattering, as per usual, and she was a super hands-on bride. She even baked for the celebration.

I devoured the LC cover story on a plane last weekend. I highly recommend you get your hands on the 10-page feature if you're as intrigued by the PPPWHTST queen bee as I am.

And if you're interested in a "Just Like Us!" moment, check out my own rustic chic nuptials here and here.


Image via Glamour / Elizabeth Messina

[Us Weekly, September 29, 2014]

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