Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spirituality: No Crystals Required

I read the October 2014 issue of Women's Health during my commute recently. I work in the health & wellness industry, so this particular magazine pick is quite fitting. An article on spirituality stood out to me: "Spirituality: No Crystals Required" by Alyssa Giacobbe

"Spiritual practices don't have to be about woo-woo mysticism or religious stuff, if those aren't your things. They can simply be pathways to discovering what truly brings you fulfillment."

Women's Health remarks that spirituality is "having a moment." Personally, I've been immersed in the spirituality moment for about a decade. After years of shunning yoga in favor of sweaty cardio, I tried it. I took a Sunday morning class at a Chicago Equinox. I was a single twenty-something living far-ish from my family and native NY, and I was insecure. My classmates were shiny yuppy couples getting their stretch on before brunch. I didn't fit in, but it didn't matter. I learned that yoga doesn't discriminate, and also that yoga - for me, at least - is not an alternative to running or other traditional workouts. For me, yoga is a spiritual practice that provides me with tools for feeling okay and, ultimately and ideally, feeling fulfilled.

The WH article presents six "modern spiritual thinkers" and their takes on becoming healthier, happier and more centered:
Arianna Huffington
Guru Jagat
Dan Harris
Danielle LaPorte
Marianne Williamson
Gabrielle Bernstein

Arianna Huffington, Dan Harris and Gabrielle Bernstein all struck a chord.

Huffington's overall message is to get outdoors and to take breaks from technology.
Harris speaks about meditation for true beginners - something I can certainly get behind, considering I've been meaning to start meditating for about ten years...
Bernstein provides specific, tangible instructions for reducing anxiety, in the moment.

If you're feeling unbalanced and seeking fulfillment, or just need a pick me up, pick up the October issue of WH.

Illustration by Montse Bernal 

[Women's Health, October 2014]

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