Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Library

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I hoard magazines, seeing as this blog is basically an excuse for me to buy, read, re-read and write about magazine articles... :)

But it may surprise you that my husband, too, is a hoarder. He's been a loyal subscriber to The New Yorker for years, and these mags have been piling up for some time. Justin reads all day at work, so he doesn't jump at the chance to read more in his leisure time. He claims he's saving his New Yorkers for vacation, but come vacation time he watches movies on flights and reads books on the beach.

These New Yorkers aren't altogether neglected. Justin and I are always curious about each edition's cover and cover title, as well as its Cartoon Caption Contest.

When the October 13, 2014 New Yorker arrived in the mail, I was thrilled. Usually I'm only excited about our mail on Thursdays when Us Weekly comes. But seeing the above cover was a treat, especially because Justin had recently chastised me for piling books on the floor. And the title? "Fall Library."

AND check out the magazine's description, which is totally on par with this blog's premise:

When Tom Gauld sent the first sketch for this week’s cover, “Fall Library,” we discussed a variant where the woman was holding an electronic-book reader. “But I decided against the e-reader,” Gauld says. The image “ended up having too much going on, which made it less interesting. I think the fact that she’s holding one of her millions of books is what’s nice.”

["Fall Library" The New Yorker 10/20/14]

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