Thursday, October 16, 2014

Celebrity Must-Haves

InStyle is one of my go-to glossies. It provides the perfect combo of down-to-earth fashion, home tips and overall lifestyle inspiration.

In the October issue there's a spotlight on Jennifer Meyer, jewelry designer to the stars, and wife of actor Tobey Maguire. I've always admired Meyer's dainty gold jewelry pieces, and I jibe with her personal fashion picks whenever I see her in paparazzi shots. It always seems that Meyer mixes highs and lows, fancy and low-key. However, upon reading her "top secret tell-all" tips in InStyle, I'm pretty sure she's straight up fancy, despite looking laid-back at times. Meyer describes her personal style as "comfortable" and I'd say that's spot on. She seems comfortable in every sense of the word, and all the power to her! She may, however, be a little out of touch with us little people:

Meyer's jet-setter look requires a $1,495 scarf and she believes "every woman should own a Saint Laurent leather biker jacket or a denim jacket by Current/Elliott." Why, you may ask? "They go with everything." Amen sister. If you have the means, why not rock couture to look casual? For the rest of us, J. Crew will have to suffice. 

When pressed for a "drugstore steal," Meyer recommends Rescue Remedy by Bach: "a homeopathic spray that instantly calms you down when you're stressed out." That's one Meyer-approved item I'm game to try (and able to afford).


[Jennifer Meyer, InStyle, October 2014]

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