Wednesday, October 8, 2014


It's officially Fall, but I just finished poring over the Summer 2014 issue of Domino magazine.

Since moving into my current apartment three years ago, I feel like I've really created a home with my (now) husband. Prior to finding our current place, I felt like a perpetual nomad, always in transition. In my first five years after graduating college, I lived in about nine different spots across the Midwest and Northeast. Throughout that time, I didn't exactly put roots down. I stayed in minuscule rooms in friends' apartments. I crashed on family members' couches. I did a brief stint in a studio I disliked so much I didn't bother unpacking. Even when I did land the perfect apartment (we're talking master suite with personal bathroom, doorman, pool, gym...) I still didn't feel like I truly belonged; I was thousands of miles from my family. (Hence the spaciousness and amenities; As everyone knows, you can get serious bang for your buck in Chicago vs. New York.) 

But alas, New York is where I need to be. And now that I've settled here, I'm putting some decor roots down. I'm decorating with meaningful photos and souvenirs from my travels. I'm investing in furniture pieces my husband and I will have forever. I'm trying to keep a clean home with a zen feel, a respite from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. And now that I'm a serious NYC apartment-dweller, I have a newfound appreciation for interior design and I'm cultivating my taste through decorating my small living space. This ironically comes a few years after my having worked at Elle Decor magazine. I enjoyed reading Elle Decor when I was employed at the magazine, but now that I'm focused on making a beautiful home, I read ED as a hungry student. And I don't discriminate among decor glossies. I'm enthusiastic about many design magazines, including Domino, which was recently resurrected.

The Summer 2014 issue of Domino is a treat for anyone looking to learn about home design. One story in particular stood out to me, and not just because of its bright pastel visuals: "South of the Border." This feature is about a young woman from the Northeast, Brittney Borjeson, who visited the Mexican beachside town of Sayulita and ended up staying. Borjeson was drawn to Sayulita's picturesque natural splendor, particularly the Pacific seascape. She can hear the ocean from every room in her home. And this (dream) home is gorgeously designed with white-washed walls and local artisan accents. Borjeson's home seems idyllic, a Mexican gem. 

Mexico itself will always be a special place for me. I used to visit Acapulco annually with my extended family. The trip was a tradition from which I have many fond memories, including days spent reading tons of paperbacks, listening to The Cranberries on my Walkman, dipping in and out of the pool, sipping on virgin strawberry daiquiris, painting pottery and picking out silver at tents pitched along the beach.

Now I'm starting a new family tradition in Mexico: a visit to Tulum each wintertime. My husband and I went last year and fell in love. We're planning our next visit, and I'm already planning on picking up a few special souvenirs for home. 


Photos by Brittany Ambridge via

["South of the Border" Domino, Summer 2014]

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