Thursday, October 30, 2014

An Ode to Oscar

In the December 2011 issue of Lucky magazine, Beauty Editor Jean Godfrey-June pays homage to Oscar de la Renta. She says if she were rich, she'd buy tons of Oscar de la Renta clothes, and also live just like him.

Apparently de la Renta had "gardens with espaliered apple trees bent into arches over walkways, looming yews the size of small apartment buildings, and gigantic statues of wild boars." He dined on homegrown tomatoes al fresco, on his vast terraces. He bathed among elaborate decor and serious works of art. 

Godfrey-June explains de la Renta's charm as being "Olympic-level." She says he told "wicked stories" and said "precisely what [he] was thinking." 

And when it came to de la Renta's means for making his lavish lifestyle a reality? "No designer [knew] better how to make a woman look truly female; he never [forgot] about the waist."

Godfrey-June's article culminates with a review of de la Renta's new (in 2011) perfume. She describes both the bottle and the scent as utterly original. Just like de la Renta - one of a kind. 


P.S. Anna Wintour's moving tribute to Oscar de la Renta after he passed recently. 

[#TBT - Lucky, December 2011]

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