Monday, October 6, 2014

This One Is Mine, Maria Semple

I recently read This One Is Mine by Maria Semple. I became enamored with Semple after reading her bestseller Where'd You Go, Bernadette

This One Is Mine didn't knock my socks off quite like Bernadette, but it was certainly entertaining and well-written. Semple is a master at making her novels both outrageous and relatable. She also writes smart books with intricately woven stories that end up being surprise mysteries. What feels like "chick lit" turns out to have twists and turns that bring the reader on a wild, witty and well-played adventure. 

I didn't want to put down This One Is Mine after finishing it, so I read the oft-ignored "Reading Group Guide" at the back of the book. I was fascinated to learn Semple's inspirations for this particular book: Anna Karenina and The House of Mirth. Semple was motivated to write about "strong, singular women who set out to destroy themselves." Semple's goal in writing this first novel was to keep readers so enthralled they'd be unable to put her book down come bedtime:

"When I was writing this book, I'd ask myself, 'If I was reading this in bed, what would keep me from turning off the light? . . . And if I've deprived my reader of precious sleep, I consider my job well done." 

Bravo, Maria Semple! You kept me up late into the night with This One Is Mine (and even later into the wee hours with Bernadette). I hope you keep writing; under eye circles are a small price to pay for a fantastic read. 


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