Friday, October 24, 2014

Three Books from Three Lives

Last weekend I indulged in one of my favorite downtime activities: browsing a bookstore. I know, wild! But seriously, I could spend hours lost in my own little world reading book titles and blurbs, perusing shelves and finding literary treasures. I feel lucky to have a local bookstore around the corner from my apartment: Three Lives & Company.

I dragged my husband there last Saturday, in-between picking up coffee from Jack's and biking to Black Seed Bagels. I had the intention of only picking up Lena Dunham's new book. Once inside the store, however, I was drawn to the essays section as well as the mindfulness section (yes, that exists!) and I ended up picking up the The Best American Travel Writing and How to Sit as well. Stay tuned for reviews.

Also help a sister out and support your local bookshop, whether it be a Three Lives-esque spot, Barnes & Noble or anywhere! I fear that bookshops will become obsolete, just like Blockbusters. (And of course land lines)


Images via Book Reviews Lite, Steve Minor, @BlackSeedBagels

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