Monday, December 22, 2014

Paris Match

The Dec 14/Jan 15 issue of Lucky features a tour of makeup artist Violette's Paris abode. Her taste is eclectic and she has a thing for wiry light fixtures, but otherwise I dig her decor. Three design elements that jumped at me from the feature's pages:

Stacked books
"Every piece has a story to tell."

Lots of fresh flowers
"Fresh flowers make a room feel alive."

An inspiration board
“I need to be surrounded by things that inspire me—my family and friends, ideas for my work.”

Like Violette, I keep stacks of books and magazines in my home. (Sorry, Justin!) I also liven up my apartment with fresh flowers as often as I can, and I have an inspiration board. Violette and I are like two peas in a tastefully decorated pod.

See below for a picture of my real life board. And see here for my virtual boards.


P.S. When I was first introduced to Pinterest I pronounced it "Pin-interest" for about a month. Live and learn...

Top photo by Paul Barbera

[Lucky, Dec 14/Jan 15] 

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