Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Glasses for Grown Ups

It was serendipitous when Warby Parker asked me to help introduce the company's Spring collection. I had recently admitted to my husband that I'd wanted glasses--and braces!--when I was a kid. I thought they would make me look older or something. Then I actually had to get braces, and I learned "the grass is always greener" lesson. Glasses, on the other hand, are still on my wish list. While I don't need prescription eyewear, I do like the look. So I recently swung by my local Warby Parker location to finally get after my childhood longing for some grown-up specs.

The Warby Parker Spring Collection is so me. Its colors, textures and shapes are decidedly nautical and inspired by the sea ("sandy shades modeled after rippled ocean floors, jellyfish-inspired tortoise" & more). I went to Warby Parker's teeming Meatpacking store and tried on a handful of glasses from the Spring line. My top three picks were the Finch in Striped Molasses, the Carnaby in Burnt Lemon Tortoise and the Cass in Blue Slate Fade. See below for photos. 

Finch in Striped Molasses
Carnaby in Burnt Lemon
Cass in Blue Slate Fade
While at Warby Parker, I also got an up-close look (pun intended) at the culture of the company. The Meatpacking shop has high bookshelves filled with hardcovers and an overall cozy and relaxing vibe. The staff is warm and, not surprisingly, bespectacled.

And just like me, literature is in Warby Parker's bones. The company's name is derived from two characters in one of Jack Kerouac's journals. In fact, the Warby Parker founders are so Kerouac-obsessed, they give a copy of The Dharma Bums to each new WP employee.

But maybe the coolest thing about Warby Parker is the company's dedication to bringing the gift of sight to those less fortunate. For every pair of specs sold, WP gives a pair to someone in need. A noble cause anyone can get behind -- especially a book worm like me.


P.S. Check out the Warby Parker Spring 2015 Collection on Pinterest here

Images courtesy of Warby Parker

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