Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Moore of a Good Thing

I picked up the January 19 issue of People in part because Blake Lively graces the glossy's cover. She looks radiant, as always, and the People cover promises an exclusive in which "the new mom opens up."

Well, the new mom doesn't exactly open up. She promotes her lifestyle brand Preserve. She also indicates that motherhood hasn't affected her life all that much. Hmph.

Fortunately, there's a saving grace inside this issue of People: a story on "The Prime of Julianne Moore." Moore, unlike Lively, actually does open up about raising a family. ("Of course when they're really little, the pace is glacial because nothing is happening and you're sitting in the sandbox. [And then] of course it flashes by, and that little boy you were putting sand in the funnel with is 17 years old and starting to look at colleges. It really does crystallize what being alive is about. It forces you to pay attention.") She also speaks of diving into her latest movie role as a college linguistic professor diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. (She had cognitive tests administered on herself, which was "really scary." She also spent time with people who have the disease, and made sure to witness in real life everything she portrayed in the movie.) The movie, of course, is Still Alice, for which Moore won a Golden Globe this past Sunday night.

Moore's Golden Globe acceptance speech was to the point and poignant: "My mother always told me that a happy person was someone who has work and love." Moore thanked the Still Alice producers for the opportunity to work, and she concluded with thanking her husband and two children "for all that love."

Moore's People feature ends on similar note, with a message about love. Moore says that while filming Still Alice she would come home to her family every night and "be really happy. It's just about loving people. That's what life is all about."


Image via www.etonline.com

[People, January 19, 2015]

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