Wednesday, January 7, 2015

St. Barts

We went to St. Barts in December and it was the perfect early winter escape. We were there for eight glorious days and throughout the trip I did everything in my power to truly be present

I made a conscious effort to be in the moment: in the sunlit shower, in our rental car climbing the picturesque hills, at the incredible beaches. I took the time to really notice my surroundings. I distinctly remember, upon visiting one of the hotel beaches on our last full day on the island, lying on a chaise lounge and listening to the palm trees bristle and the ocean lap up against the shore. I put down my book and just listened. In fact, I tried to use all my senses to really soak it all up. These, I figured, are the moments I'll want to stick. Here are some more photos, if you'd like to see. 


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