Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oh, Mexico

I recently returned from Tulum, Mexico. As I mentioned here, my husband and I started a tradition of celebrating my birthday in Tulum last winter. Prior to visiting Tulum in 2014, I never thought I'd choose one spot to return to again and again. I have a serious case of wanderlust and I love to explore new locations. But, I found myself so drawn to Tulum and its laid-back energy, warm locals and picturesque surroundings. I inadvertently found my home away from home in this special Mexico town. 

This year we went with one of our close couple friends and we had an amazing time. A typical day started by eating breakfast on the beach, accompanied by fresh juice or smoothies. In the late morning we'd read and take dips in the ocean. For lunch we walked along the soft sand to find fish tacos, fresh ceviche and Sol beers at neighboring boutique hotels. Sometimes there'd be live music. The afternoon was spent reading, swimming in the lukewarm, turquoise water and strolling the beach a bit more. In the evening we drank tequila cocktails and ventured to different restaurants for homemade pasta or super fresh catch of the day dishes. 

As I type this recap, sitting at my desk in my drafty NYC apartment, my wool socks rolled up over my ankles and my life-saving space heater beside me, it all seems so far away. I do, however, have some mementos to keep my memories fresh and accessible. 

While I deliberately unplugged during the trip and didn't post anything to social media, I did take tons of photos to enjoy after the vacation. See below for some pics.

Also, my friend Colleen and I purchased beautiful string bracelets from a sweet ten year old local selling her jewelry on the beach. The bracelets are brightly woven reminders of the casual vibe and technicolor natural beauty prevalent in Tulum.

Another keepsake I took from Tulum is a handmade ring I bought from designer Belen of De la Rosa Jewelry. Belen approached me on the beach just before dusk as I was lost in another world, reading. I wasn't interested in buying anything, but Belen was so warm and charismatic I decided to take a look at her work. She has beautiful pieces and I was drawn to a gold-plated ring with a circle design. The understated piece fit perfectly on my ring finger, and Belen explained that it symbolizes "new beginnings." I was sold on the ring. I was also enamored of Belen. She has the most gorgeous smile and the sweetest demeanor. We bonded and exchanged contact info. She's from Argentina and lives in Tulum for part of the year. She's planning a visit to NY to display her art, and I'll be at her show with open arms, and one specially accessorized finger. 


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