Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Love at First Date

[Woo Central, Circa 2009]
I recently read Emily Schuman's blog post describing her first date with her now husband and baby daddy. They ended up seeing a movie neither of them was all that interested in, but the two lovebirds wanted to do something, anything to spend more time together. 

This reminded me of my first date with my husband. Justin and I had been friends for years, so while we were comfortable in each other's company, we still had to make the leap from friend zone to romance. There was much wooing involved.

Justin proved himself to be quite the romantic. He recommended we see 500 Days of Summer. Little did I know at the time that he had already seen the movie with a friend and deemed it date appropriate. He knew I'd like it, and then perhaps like him (Spoiler alert: it worked). 

We made casual plans to see the movie after I took a yoga class at my beloved, and now closed, studio Om in USQ. Justin picked me up outside the yoga studio and escorted me to the theater down the block. I loved 500 Days of Summer. And maybe that's when I started to love Justin, who knows ;) It was a perfect first date, and well worth Justin's reconnaissance work. He's been wooing me ever since. 

xo A

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