Thursday, April 23, 2015

Provence: Part 4

Day 4 was wacky. We were returning to our Provence home base: Avignon. En route we took in some totally unique sights. We rode through a town having some sort of fair. Locals were setting up a stage and testing microphones, clearly preparing for a special musical performance. They were also hosting one special guest: a bull. There was a huge, snorting bull running around an enclosed part of village. Little boys kept taunting the bull with noises and movements. The townspeople thought it was hysterical. I thought it was animal cruelty. So we hit the road.

Getting festive
Getting in the spirit
Poor bull
When we finally reached our final destination--downtown Avignon---I was pooped. So much so that I had my second fall of the trip when I lost my balance at a red light and tumbled to the curb. Fortunately I suffered only minor injuries, and we were close to the bike shop and a first aid kit. We returned our bikes and noted our accomplishment: 153.64 km over four days. We celebrated with humongous sandwiches back at our Avignon hotel. 

Made it
Celebratory Smooch
Celebratory Sandwich + Wine
Time to relax / The end
Overall, it was such a satisfying trip. I loved feeling active and being able to see parts of France we wouldn't have otherwise seen had we been driving around. Indulging in heavy food and lots of wine didn't feel gluttonous after cycling 40 km each day. It was awesome, and I'm already looking forward to our five year anniversary trip: a bike trip in Tuscany.


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