Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I'm back

I'm back. I've been feeling ambivalent about blogging, but I feel a yearning to create and share and this blogosphere and social media world feel like the right space, right now.

I've been on hiatus...
Starting work at a tech company
Having a baby
Becoming a mom
A working mom
Taking a writing class
Reading a ton of books
Watching good TV and old movies
Traveling a bit
Enjoying friends and family

But all along I've had this urge to write. I've been keeping a journal from pregnancy and throughout (early) motherhood - my daughter isn't yet two. Seven months after she was born I wrote a personal essay; I'm working on getting it published. I want to be heard, yet I feel like a private person. Not ready to share, to reveal the intimacies of family life or even just my opinions on everything from brunch to being terrified of becoming a mom (more on that later). But still I feel this pull to put myself out there, so here goes...


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